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Putting A Face on the 636 Soldiers Killed in Action

I agree with the message which is that Bush and his crew are responsible and I really like its creativeness, but this particular piece seems more like a piece of political satire aimed at Bushites at the expense of these people's lives. I guess this is just an example that even the people who know the truth can also be subject to bad decisions at times.

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This is why I called the Bush piece satire: Usually mosaics usually honor something or playfully mock something. Obviously, this piece was not meant to honor George, so that leaves it as a thing that mocks, mocks Dubya, but at the expense of people's lives. If one of my relatives died, I don't know that I'd want their face as part of someone's campaign to blame them no matter how much I agreed. It honors these soldiers sure or you can say it does, but it paints them too much as passive victims who just suffered because of one guy. It de-emphasizes their lives and whatever they've done. It's like these commoners take a backseat yet again to something people feel is a big issue.



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