by B.J. on 5/06/2004 06:06:00 AM Print this post

Discrimination Against the Person, Not the Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Class

Now this is gonna weird out all 6 of you who read this stuff that I write. So sit the fuck back.

You're probably right when you see some person and think (s)he's an asshole (yes, what I've been saying all along !). Some constants in the asshole face are general stiffness manifested in intense concentrated eyebrows, and maybe a cocky smile (so yes, I probably look like one, and pretty much am one to people I don't even know to filter shit out). You probably just generally (at least I do) get a bad aura around the person. Anyway, you either kick their ass for looking like that and pray that they are really assholes, or just walk away from them and make fun of em at your dinner conversations with your friends. What you're doing in any case is that you're distancing yourself from the asshole (alright it's getting trite to say this so at this point I will occasionally substitute "banana face" for "asshole" - anyway, continue).

I've been learning in primate ecology that primates have used this tool of discrimination to physically sustain themselves. Old world monkeys developed color vision thru human evolution to be able to discriminate young, reddish leaves from greenish leaves so they wouldn't get poisoned by the toxins that develop in the green leaves. We humans have developed some fine tuned low frequency hearing so we could listen to language rather than howls, etc. All these evolutionary sensory traits have evolved for us discriminate. Unfortunately, discrimination is social now. Race, ethnicity, gender, or class, ideas brought up by the big Western civilization, is how we discriminate against each other nowadays.

And that's just not right.

You discriminate against people themselves, not based on race, ethnicity, gender, or class. At least what I put up above are my instant aversions from people.

Assholitis is not really restricted to any specific, race, ethnicity, gender (ha), or class, cause assholes come in all forms be it the pizza pretzel-faced, spoiled rich white girl who's just asking to get raped or the military-dad-black conservative who thinks he's color-blind and makes every attempt to distance himself from "those folk". That same asshole conservative dude that I have in mind would call my discrimination of assholes, "equal opportunity hating." (I don't like that phrase, actually I don't really like this post that much either, but I guess it's something to think about)

So the point is, we were all meant to discriminate INDIVIDUALS (as opposed to groups such as CLASSES, RACES, SEXUALITIES, and ETHNICITIES) based on visuals. But only smart people realize this and make people prove that they're not assholes.



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