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First Day. . .There

There = The college that I just got into (see below) but might not go to because they might withdraw my admission or something but hopefully not.

Literally, a sensusal experience.

It reminded me a lot of my Loyola High School experience (of which I am still very ambivalent about) primarily because of the smell and look of the school. It smelled like mushed berries with palm trees, combined with various other foods just like Loyola with kids eating their snack bar crap anywhere. The buildings were bricked and traditional like Loyolas. Plants were well-kept. The grounds people were constantly cleaning and easily spotted with uniforms and brown skin like they wouldn't be at Santa Cruz. Oh so secure were these students, living in their oh-so-important-highly-connected (but wireless !) lives. All this school needed to actually become Loyola were some half-retarded white kids with shaved heads and braces shirting some Freshman football t-shirt pelting out their 5-minute renditions of the male reproductive tool, and a certain dean wobbling his head drop dropping it like it's hot.

But other than these initial sensual observations, there was nothing else really.

I aimlessly wandered back and forth between the store and Murphy Hall. The whole time I was hoping someone I knew would come up and say hey, meanwhile wondering about what I should do with my current status in a certain class (outlined below in "Primate Ecology 106") and how withdrawing from it would affect my admission (hopefully not much ! Please !).

In conclusion, I didn't really like or dislike the atmosphere (ambivalent ! God how I like picking apart this award-winning school that actually wants me, stupid me). I am extremely grateful that I have gotten into a quality college with the quality program close to home. However in other news, I have since lost care for any status this acceptance has/will have brought. It's not really a big deal guys, I'm the same random antisocial moron. However, thanks for all the congratulations !

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