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Good Times

. . .Roy's and My B-Days Last Weekend

The stars at PCC 13 minus Beck Laba, Rachel, Josh, Billy Bucksbayan, and Tarnation Sam. Included instead are Manong Pete, Manong Rugee, Lola and Manang Diva.

Throwing cake at Roy's face. That was all me.

. . .At the 25th Multicultural Festival at UCSC

The Pretty Venue, literally just a block's walk from my dorm.

You know how everyone has those Everyone loves a Jewish, Italian, German, Asian (no ! not the whole fuckin' continent, pointed out by big Des in the low low) shirts. Well here's what they had to offer at the Festival.

Crown City Rockers ripped that shit apart. Hope to be hearing more about them in the future.

Planet Asia reminded me of Ja Rule in style and his performance was somewhat energizing. Goofily energizing. He stopped after every song which was a bit annoying. He was OK. BTW, whoever the long-haired bearded 18-year old white guy that kept yelling every 15 seconds "Fres-noOOO !" in a mock gangsta-style should have been shot in the throat. Jesus, we get it, you're from Fresno, he's from Fresno, Planet Asia doesn't give a shit that you say it, moron.

Goapele is hot. Too hot. Goddess status. But her smooth slow style is too night clubby (that's right, MY idea DSLars) for this kind of a party hip-hoppin' festival. Everyone was all sunken in for songs rather than jumping and dancing.

. . .Miscellaneous aka Random Times

Natural Bridges Beach thru the trees while at big Des on the low low's Muslim BBQ.

Another Natty Bridges picture.

DSLars with the new look road signs at the Science and Eh-jeh-neering (pronounced the way William Hung would say it, sigh) after the much-anticipated map sale (a gathering of all the nerds in which I had no place, cursing about maps that were gone and picking up only the colorful and more descriptive ones). Why does Science and Engineering have to look so much better than whatever's on the main road with Anthro and Econ ? Fucked em man. Scientists today are what Catholic Priests were in the Middle Ages.

Mural at the Metro after gobbling on cheap but plentiful Chinese food there.

Roy's baldspot. What a freak ! I like to squeeze it like you as a five-year old want to squeeze the jelly out of a fish's eye at A1 (L.A. Filipinos all seem to know what that is).

Tha Mothafuckas.

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