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Michael Jordan Coming to the Philippines

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Noli Eala has invited Michael Jordan to attend the opening of the league's 30th season in Manila on Oct. 2 in a grand ceremony as guest of honor.

I handcarried Eala's letter of invitation and personally delivered it to Jordan during a 45-minute interview arranged by Nike in a 50th floor suite at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo last Monday (May 24).

Wow, I'm glad to know that he acknowledges the existence of the Philippines ! Yeah booy. Yay. My two-time hero (92-93, 96-2000 the moment he went on this ridiculous two year comeback to sabotage his legend). Magajadavoo magajadavoo (the Eskimo-like chant I developed specially for MJ after game 1 of the 1997 NBA Finals)

"On the possibility of a Filipino someday playing in the NBA, Jordan said it won't be easy but it can be done."

"Small players are making an impact on the game," said Jordan. "Guys who are 5-3, 5-7 and look at (Allen) Iverson, he's barely six feet tall. It's like David against Goliath There are no shortcuts to making it. You gotta believe you can do it, that you can make it happen. It'll take a lot of hard work but if you set your mind to it, you can do it."

Yes cause there are no Filipinos in the world who are over 6 feet tall, MJ.

"As for more Asian players breaking into the majors, Jordan said the level of competition in the region is not like in the US. He explained that there is much so talent in the US where playing the game is more prevalent."

MJ is probably thinking specifically of his simple-minded (cause he's a midget in NBA terms and there's something about small people being stupid when it comes to basketball, right you tall waste of space 40-something, hippy curly haired, 200-lb overweight weekend warriors ?) 5'3 Mugsy Bogues and his slanted eyes when he thinks of Asian players.

He's probably right that Asians will continue to not be so competitive in basketball (they're like the WNBA). After all he did take the Wizards out of the. . .oh he didn't ? Oh never mind then.

In other news, I just can't wait to tell every white person old and young, male and female how I have friends and relatives who have had relationships with white people. Only then can I gain meaningful relationships with those people. (Plus, I can tell them that I speak fluent English.)



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