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. . .I. . .got. . .in. . .to. . .U. . .C. . .L. . .A.

: )

I am overwhelmingly happy and surprised with that. I would've told you a meek "yeah, right" in a nerdy voice (since I'm such a pussy to slap you upside the head or perform some other drastic action as a result of telling me something outrageous) if you told me that I'd get in last year.

However, I probably enjoy this acceptance right now mainly cause it's a "Brand-name" school in the top 25. It's a status-marker and ego-booster in any circle of American society. I felt like getting in was an "I-showed-you" kind of revenge to everyone who forgot about me in high school and only paid attention to assholes who talked in class as if they knew anything or those mayabangs who asked why I went to a "party school". But the only people who know and acknowledge that I got in are my friends and family, not exactly the people I'd sort show off to as a means of establishing my credibility or standing up for myself. My friends and family know I'm the same type of person, just that I'd be going to a different school.

The other reasons this school seems nice:

- Not a horrible anthro program; a little better-sounding than Santa Cruz
- Saves money (the main reason that I wanted to go to school there)

If/when I get there, I will be immersed in the B.S. Anthropology program. I will need to take physics, calculus, life sciences, and chemistry, all of which I thought I could avoid for life here. I don't mind really because I think those things will be extremely helpful as a medical anthropologist. I look forward to the challenge.

However, notice in the previous paragraph that I started with "if I get there". The catch with this getting into UCLA is that there are provisions to my admission. And this quarter at UCSC, I might have to withdraw from one class this quarter, and I fear that UCLA may just withdraw my offer of admission. My response to that is that at least I knew I got in to that tough admission university, cause staying at Santa Cruz wouldn't exactly be the worst thing in the world. I think UCLA barely beats SC in the anthro department, only because UCLA seems to establish more rigorous study in general, at least from the sound of these classes, but we'll see. I'm not exactly breaking down the walls to get out of here and would stay if living arrangements didn't cost so much. I really do like Santa Cruz, there really is no place like it. But I think it might be time to go back home.



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