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Yet Another Life Lesson from the Captain Obvious Kitchen

(BTW, I didn't learn this yesterday)

To actually do and accomplish something, you've gotta be ignorant. (But first, you have to think and strategize before doing/accomplishing, but anyway continue)

At least for me, there's millions of things running thru my head at any given time I'm doing something.

When I did oral presentations in high school, I was shackled in these germ-like waves called nerves wondering about how loud I should speak, if the right words, any words would come to my mind, if I would remember everything I rehearsed, if anyone would laugh at my dumbass, and ultimately look down upon my intelligence.

A more recent example: During this time that I'm supposed to be writing some paper, I'm wondering about my UCLA status, friends, blogging, my two remaining classes, my latest C, whacking off, whatever, I'm not doing my paper.

People have told me that I think way too much. I think I agree and think that thinking has gotten too much in the way of any actual productivity.

However, I know I'm not alone when I say that thinking too much gets in the way of actual productivity.

During PCC 13, a lot of folks were pretty nervous, asking out loud if they'd remember their cues, their lines, their positions. The popular way to get rid of all this nervousness they reason is by taking a shot. And most everyone knows that alcohol makes you ignorant as hell. You don't think too much about what you're doing and just sort of do whatever.

OK, so it looks like I just suggested alcohol as the solution to unproductivity when doing a paper.

Ironically, generally, I'm alcohol-free. So some alcohol free solutions are as follows:

1) Take your shit seriously as in you're going to get kicked the fuck out if you don't do it. Think of all the money you're wasting from your parents.
2) Specialize yourself. Turn yourself into a machine. Lose yourself in your work.
3) Make it meaningful and fun. Add some of your own insight and relate whatever your doing as homework to real life.

That shit used to work for me. But nowadays, I have created quite a division between the do and sit around and think. What I like to do is much different than what I like to think about. I like to play sports, do, and uh play sports, and do, uh. I like to think about everything else. Now I have to learn how to blur that division. . .



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