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Hyannisport, 1960

The year before JFK got elected as United States president.

I originally saw this picture in my favorite teacher's classroom and would stare at it when the punkass smart kids would rant on and on not knowing that no one gave a shit.

In this picture, life is as easy and breezy as Jackie O's summer wear. It's a Kenny G, "Joy of Life" moment. And that song reminds me of two imagined moments: 1988 at a supermarket in Chicago during a summer day and 1991 recalling that supermarket event in Chi-ca-go. For some reason I also remember all the brick buildings, aquariums, and fireplaces in the daycare I attended when I listen to that song.

The caption of "Hyannisport, 1960" that is in the picture I first saw also brought to mind a few images. Well, first I always think of a well-lit midnight. A midnight with some kind of golden palace where the Wheel of Fortune is hosted in the middle. I am also reminded of the Washington Redskins Running Back Clinton Portis and how he must wear a nice Timex watch after carrying the football.

But back to the picture.

This picture doesn't seem 1960. It just seems timeless and American because we don't see some kind of radical style in any of their clothing and American because this is what the American dream seems to be: to lounge around and look pretty (not that I'm implying that JFK was a slacker) and have fun in the sun, stated in a subtle, somewhat conservative way.

We don't see the many accomplishments of JFK. We don't know in this picture how violently JFK died. We don't really see how he's some kind of great man. All we see is this man "innocently" (we know he was banging Marilyn Monroe) chillin', looking to court this cool, swimwear chick.

We just know that in the spring/summer season hope springs eternal (especially for those who like to engage in good ole' mating).



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