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Health Care for All Californians

Email from ACLU:


The Health Care for All Californians Act (SB 921) is just one
vote away from passage in the Assembly Health Committee. We have
until June 22 to act! Find out more about how SB 921 reforms
California's broken health care system at

Please take action! Call the Speaker of the California Assembly,
Fabian Nunez, and urge him to do everything he can to help this
bill pass in the Health Committee. Even though he does not sit
on the committee, he has tremendous influence in the

Here's a toll-free number for Speaker Nunez:



1. If you've never called a legislator, don't be nervous: the
staff person who answers your call doesn't want to debate you or
put you on the spot. You'll probably spend only a minute or two
on the phone, once you connect.

2. Be friendly and acknowledge the Speaker's leadership in the
past in expanding access to health care.

3. Tell the Speaker's staff passage of SB 921 would advance the
dialogue on health care for all and is a matter of critical
importance to all Californians, especially to working families.

4. Ask the Speaker to do everything possible to help SB 921 pass
the Health Committee on June 22.

5. Thank the staff member.

Thanks for your help! We're so close to a critical victory.

Heather, Christopher, Elvia, & Clarissa
ACLU/SC Take Action Team

Please spread the word as widely as possible in these last few
days before the hearing.

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for
ACLU/SC Take Action at:



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