More on the Artificiality of Everything

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I am writing this as a response to how I stay manage to "stay happy" at least for some periods of time more so than a call for some random reader just to forget problems.

In the first post about this 2 days ago, I established how I thought everything has been constructed by humans and how everything being constructed by humans is funny.

My whole blurb on this artificality of everything is because I think that life shouldn't be too dramatic as if some petty actions determine your survival, especially with the type of life we've (meaning my friends and I) been blessed with. Being dramatic over things like relationships, etc. Basically life's only as dramatic as you make it (again, speaking for my middle class friends). I'm guilty and probably will be guilty as well.

Thinking of dramatics such as crying and taking "family values" brings me to discuss "life problems." College kid "life problems" consist of dealing with roommates, poor time management. Outside of a friend/relative dying, break-ups, getting fired, finances not being met, and maybe failing a tough class given that you gave effort, I don't see how there are other problems in college from a macro (look-at-the-rest-of-the-world-and-see-how-you-stack-up- perspective) these college kid problems are not that big a deal. (Then again, I had little to do because I have engaged in so little.)

When I think of college kid problems and them overreacting, I always imagine a person scrapping the garbage to survive in Somalia and look at that in contrast to the college stupid ass who ODs every weekend.

I'm not saying that college kid problems are not tough, but that I definitely know people have it worse and that college kids (I'm thinking white and Asian folks) really don't have it so horrible it may help to throw things back in perspective before taking things so dramatically. (Oh, hopefully, I'll be able to live up to what I say)

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