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My Bad

Sorry, I want to rescind that last post, but I don't want to delete it because I want to keep this blog as realistic as possible keeping the bad posts with the good ones. I don't know everything, I don't know anything really. And that was not my intention with the last post. Sorry to you if you did not get that.

All I do is give my opinions and thoughts, but sometimes it sounds like advice. I hate advice and don't mean to give any unwanted advice to anyone as if I know better. People have their own way of getting around, and I told my way of getting 'round, which may not work for everyone, but my post sounded like I knew the way. Hell no, I don't know "the way" or even "a way" to happiness for myself.

(The reason I say this: I don't want to fuck up kharma and then life becomes very tough. Don't want to go through that cause I'm softer than Charmin. But if this does come I'll do my best to adapt, and foil some kind of resistance towards it. It's the only shit I can do I guess.)

If I didn't attack "college kid problems" in a condescending way I would have been fine. My overall message was just that one way things work for me is that you gotta keep things in perspective. It was not advice, it was me telling the world how I responded, and how things have err. . .never mind, things aren't that great. . .


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