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Nothing in Particular

At UCSC's College 9/10 Dining Hall at the front table where they swipe you in.

Tourist (likely from Japan): Hey, aww you Mica Joedehn [Michael Jordan]

Kwanza, cool demeanored dining hall employee: (Smiles, but doesn't look anything like Michael Jordan especially having a thicker build being much shorter, having hair and a beard, and knows that the only reason this tourist said that is because he's black and so plays along and pimps this shit down) Ye-ugh, I'm Mica Jordin bitch. (Says it the accomodating, friendly way a home depot employee would reassure a customer that they have/can do something: "yeah/sure, we have that (or yeah/sure, we can do that)" Smiles more and does a head nod)


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