Santa Cruz in Pictures 2004 School Year

by B.J. Delas Armas on 6/11/2004 03:05:00 AM 0 comments Print this post

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My College (Like UCSD's college system)

Pretty View from my college

The Light from my Dorm Room

Sunset on the Last Day at SC

Mural Art (All from Merrill's street block of murals)

Never can go wrong with good ole Che

Bruce Lee ! So lifelike.

Phillippines Like What

American Flag with Native American Tribes as the Stars

Immigrant Art. To those who say that these immigrants should leave.

Ma People

Celebratory smoke with Joel and DS

In front of the college 9/10 mini-mural

On the Porter Wave

Obviously Planning a Terrorist Attack (cause she's Muslim)

Shades of Us

Solidarity at 7-11. Damn, too bad "Tim" wasn't there.

Take that and Rewind it Back

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