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Till a Real Blog Comes Along. . .

Posts You Will See Some Time Whenever (Just keep checking so you can add hits to this site cause I'm pathetic and judge myself by quantity):

- First Day of Classes at (drumroll please, accompanied by an infamous smug tall English chin): ***UCLA***

- Orientalists Movies

- Facts, Facts, Facts

Yeah, classes at super LA have started. Overwhelmed. Me just trying not to fail and constantly trying to assert that I fit in intellectual-wise after turning in the most subpar high school record (I have never gotten straight A's in my life, eh, I hate grades anyway. Anything above a B is fine by me.) those admissions people saw the first time around. I haven't had the time to think while there. Just need to get used to it. . .I hope. . .weeee.

Oh yeah, and the next blonde-haired driver in a West LA BMW that oodles on to my lane with a flick of their wrists while holding and talking on the cell phone WITHOUT signalling will get rocked, meaning I will grab my rifle, aim, snipe, make a perfect incision through the windows, then hit the driver, which will instantaneously stop that BMW dead, likely on Sunset and Highland. I will have the foresight to switch lanes.


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