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Weezer - Only in Dreams. . .

Weezer - Only in Dreams

But first the thought that comes to mind with this song is just the good times that you saw. And the good times winding down and fading away becoming just fractured figments of the past and parts of my imagination. This is the reason why it will be so bittersweet going to UCLA. I think I'm going to be HOMESICK (and remember that I was the LA kid who was homesick for LA last year) for Santa Cruz for at least a few months.

Maybe I'm just on an emotional Vivian Green-type high after sniffing my socks all day and my own odors but I don't know if I will ever have as many great daily conversations with anyone else as I have consistently with Daniel, Roy, and just recently, Des. OK not to completely mythify you folks, but you motherfuckheads have been the tightest group of friends to ever talk to. The first group of fuckers (hey, were all primates here) who have somewhat understood me (not that I'm complex to know).

Anyway, back to the song and its images, I first heard this song while in Mr. Wachi's (R.I.L.B. Rest in Long Beach) room just a few weeks ago.

I know the lyrics are from some guy to a girl, but it carries with it a sense of sustained longing and time just wasting. The light drumming reminds me of a dark snowy Christmas with the only light being in a dark wooden 2 story house.

At the 5:50 mark when the song emerges back up after wininding down for a minute, I see some football and something very proud emerging, Che-like or just some safety wearing #45 doing an elbow hit on some guy trying to make a catch and it being heroic and all that.



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