What You Will Know From This Post Should Make You, A Westerner on a Computer, Happier

by B.J. on 6/22/2004 09:24:00 PM 0 comments Print this post

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Reading the Everything But Basketball message boards at basketballboards.net, I realize how much I don't know anything about the situations around the world like in the Middle East and South Korea. And when I don't know too much about something, I rely upon my imagination to fill in the blanks.

When I think about these "other" situations around the world outside of the USA, I always think about how easy I have it compared to them, how they would glide if they were handed a life like mine right now.

The problems I imagine they have especially in Sudan and the Middle East always have to deal with something like gunshots everywhere, other physical threats combined with the raping of civilian's/people's human rights. My imagination's primarily from watching movies like the Gaza Strip and reading stuff like stopthewall.org and watching CNN. Maybe I'm way too easily swayed by media, but I'll continue cause this is my imagination and you can tell me what's wrong with it.

These people in Sudan and the Middle East are entrenched in a world of massive uncertainty while the most uncertain thing of my day is taking my mom to work (hey in South Central LA though) or probably some math test that I could make up (hopefully if I ever fail there would be another chance to make it up, please ? :)) I imagine that the ways they cope/survive with this massive uncertainty and stress, would ensure them success here.

On that tip, I suggest we trade certain useless spoiled straight white male upper middle class college kids named Colin, who fuck the shit out of all the blondes with no intentions of ever doing anything productive or the anti-affirmative action Bitch Chris also shooting for that prestigious business major who suggests that immigrants quit immigranting.

Heh, I think back to these people's problems, you know, the outright shooting of people, the disregard of human life, etc. and finally end thinking: how do these people get used to that ? Specifically, I occasionally see pictures of them smiling and I think damn, you guys can actually do that ?

It's weird. I'm just here living the easy life doing nothing more stressful than washing my clothes (I know some of you are amazed that I can wash my clothes). Why me ? Did I do some sexual favors for a god/(hopefully)goddess in a past life or something ?



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