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Another Chew-On. . .

People who ride loud-engined motorcycles in the during the night in your hood should be flying kicked off their motorcycles Grand Theft Auto Vice City Style by a guy wearing a Hawaiian T-Shirt the moment they commit that offense.

:yelling like Ben Wallace after rejecting a Shaq shot:

Now that I'm back in the real world and out of my own little world cough dorm cough home for longer than usual I'm letting just about everything from driving to homework annoy me now. I could usually keep things simple and predictable in that straightforward world at SC of doing homework, eating, falling asleep sprinkled with some "random" spontaneous crap. Now things are not so straightforward, and the spontaneous crap tends to stink like a diver's feet.

Now with all this horrible uncertainty introduced into this world of mine, I really feel whatever it is I might have been good at is not good anymore.



Just gotta keep grinding till something else good occurs. Now I sound like one of those spiritual, "organic" white TV shrinks who think they know the way to spiritual happiness as if they're some new-age buddha (I'd rather sound like an old wise African tribe leader). Adjustment to the world outside still in the process.

Err, time to stfu about me. Putting the clamp down like a former Maple Leaf goalie named Glen Healy on a hockey puck. How are you all doing ?

(BTW, STFU = shut the fuck up, but I always thought it looked like "stuff your tofu")



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