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First Week of Classes at (everyone shut the fuck up and make a drumroll please cause this moment deserves more pomp [which I know would be spelled pump] than Reebok)***UCLA***

Everyone fuckin looks the same. They were about cleanliness and sex (at least from my perspective, wink). The first week at UCLA.

So the thing that was on my mind all day the first day was about these smart, fine Asian girls and how they were all asking to be fucked (yet again, always on my mind).

I correlated them back to the one physician Asian girl in 50 first dates at the beginning of the movie, the one that needed to be translated, when describing a date with Adam Sandler's character. The Asian girl was some high-powered physician or whatever doing something important and smart, but over the cell phone she's exposing her vulnerability, telling "how she got pounded" in the bedroom by Mr. Sandler's character.

Well, yes I kept thinking how these Asian girls would "get pounded" and how intelligence doesn't really keep you from being a whore. These girls. All high-powered bitches who get on their knees once they meet "a guy who can tame their independence." Damn, keep your genitalia in check you animals (now what comes to mind is when Rachel from friends is talking about how she had mindless, animal sex, but I digress, badly).

Then the guys, also clean and all about sex, well except for all the Asian males which make up about 50% of the campus. About 85% short hair and gelled. There was a complete lack of academic beards even in the professors. Remember, bearded people are smart, as DS Lars says. Everyone was wearing these short collared polo shirts to show their bulging veiny biceps (and out of proportion shoulders). Assholes (I shake my fist like Big Des on the low low usually does with a smile).

There were "minorities" all over the place which has starkly contrasted to the last two schools I have been in. With them all over the place, there's less clusters of people of a certain affiliation hanging out together, but then again there wasn't as much integration of the races except for white-Asian (like in snowboarding! !).

The gay/lesbian population was very invisible except for the Loyola alumni dude who worked at the photoshop who either didn't recognize me or just wanted to avoid contact with me and this one fuckface at the Registrar's office who snapped at me. Seemed defensive.

Now as for what people on campus actually did.

There was plenty of older, namely black and Hispanic people doing things for money such as sweeping up brush when in Santa Cruz that crap is ignored and left as is (I guess this job-giving to them is a good service to the economy).

Professors were OK I guess, but I won't say anything until I hopefully pass as in get by with B's in their classes.

The students are always sofa king doing something productive, it seems (but ironically when I get to know people, I see how lazy they are and theirs becomes contagious upon me). Most actually show up to class (but that could probably change with the regular school year and as time passes, because consider that summer session costs a lot and it moves fast). Almost everyone's always busy with something when they're sitting down: either celling it, doing homework, and or having some intellectual conversation. I don't really remember anyone just relaxing or laughing out loud. When they were, they were leading a bunch of kids from day camp.

However, with productivity, I think they become "inside-the-box" thinkers.

For example, I noticed the restroom graffiti.

In Santa Cruz, they are all extremely creative. They come up making statements like "End the Occupation of California" and a bunch of other witty unoffensive statements. However, at LA, there's minimal restroom graffiti. But when there is it's something offensive and high schoolish like "gay sex causes AIDS" or "I like poop." I'd expect something of super-high intelligence like a bunch of equations that make a joke or something, but it's that homophobic, narrow-minded crap.

I guess it shows that these people don't actually think before they do something to rebel. When they rebel, they just end up looking stupid. Stick to just being a top-HAVE-school, LA (or at least students of LA). So sad when haves rebel against their perceived problems.



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