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Forced Smile

You could read it in their unmoving extremely focused and concentrated eyebrows:  they were not built to induce laughter. 

These TAs, they are here to help educate (while earning a Ph.D of their own).  Educate, educate, educate - that's what these TA's (specific TAs that I have in mind who will go unnamed) probably came to the class thinking. 

However, they did not anticipate that they would have to educate, educate, educate a bunch of real life humans and not walking robots who remember every damn thing said (though I must say that these UCLA science and math people do come extremely close).  And then with these humans not seeming to get anything or even be interested, they realize that they're boring.  

So in attempt to break their perceived tedium, these TAs will almost always randomly try and emphasize their laughter. 

That's about the same time I start closing my eyes real tight and turning away.  It's like "ouch, stop it, why are you doing this to yourself ?" all the while forgetting for a second what we're actually discussing.  

The lesson here is like what Kanye said:  "We So Self-consciousness", especially in a world that keeps wanting to churn out a bunch of machines/engineers.



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