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A reason I haven't wanted to update is because I really want that last post to have a more prominent effect (you know, more so than such silly endeavors as inequality in schools). (Oh yes, I will also continue to write like a lot of people read this.) I want to see if bringing the culturally-conscious-done-by-Filipinos-for-everyone APL Song to such a big white-male-middle-class dominated world as MTV can actually happen and whatnot.

But this week I've discovered kharma (at least from what I remember right now a 10 PM on a Saturday Night).

There's this Libertarian dude named Michael Wilson who's making a movie called "Michael Moore Hates America." My gut reaction was like "I'm gonna squeeze this guy's guts." But then I read about him being completely destroyed and mocked on the Daily Show without him really realizing it. I almost cried for this guy the way I was about to cry about some random poor looking teenager with a broken arm working at In N Out. :***(

And this is where I thought of kharma. I really don't care for attacking opponents. I know this because I feel really bad every time I nail someone (in my narrow world view of message boarding, heeeeeeehaww) to the point where they just stop and don't say anything else. And that guy Michael Wilson getting nailed really didn't do anything for me, except that these Daily Show managed to damage one guy. He was just a guy with ideas, and I wish they'd take the focus off these figures and focus on the ideas (ironically this would apply more to Michael Wilson as his whole movie is entitled about one guy). Of course an exchange of ideas that would be HEELA (I'm trying to get everyone I know from Lakewood, CA to keep saying) boring ass tv, which means it would be a KCET/PBS regular.

On second thought, maybe Wilson's squareness was a ploy to earn some sympathy and some paying customers viewers to take a ganders at his "cute" perspective. Asshat.



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