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Me, Me Again:  More Science/Math Kicking Me in the Ass

[begin vent]

What the fuck, I studied, I knew AND understood just about everything for LS 1.  I even got a near perfect score on the essays (well except for one part).  But then I get a D ?  Did I mess up on the scantron ?  WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG ?!

Let me delve into ultimate causes here cause fuck knows what happened to the proximate causes.

I think God (or some higher being) is trying to telling me something here (switch from B.S. to B.A.).  I'm fucking up PRECALC with brainy lil Palisades sissys and fucking up in what I already know.  Now, I'm beginning to feel like I can't (I could, just that I would be really really tired) put up a fight with even higher level math and science in another discipline other than Anthro. 

So B.A. here I go ?

[/end vent] 

P.S. At least I'm finding out the depth to which I have to know things here.

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