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Minorities Going Down on Sunset
Besides not sticking it to science/math in University caucasian lost to Asians, there's these three sex ads I noticed yesterday riding down one of the most historic streets in LA, Sunset Boulevard.  One on Highland was about a random gay Latino couple not smoking.  Another one was on a metro bus with a black transvetite saying that (s)he's been HIV positive since 1987 and how (s)he's going to start telling people about it now.  And another was some type of sex club with your typical overlysexualized Asian woman on that ritzy part of the Strip.

America's idea of diversifying ! 

I'm so proud to be part of this melting pot of submissive minority sexual beings. 

And not to mention that all the other ads for clothes were with white folks and one tanned Portugese skeleton for GAP.  They were selling these clothes with pure white sex instead of the minority cheap thrill sex.

All these ads with minorities in them utilize these minorities that do not wield much power in this society.  It's because they're not a threat to the white male sex symbol.  If you're a minority guy, you're either hip-hop, funny, or gay. 

Bring the APL Song to MTV starting on July 25th at 6 PM.

Write Black Eyed Peas - APL Song in ! Let a minority group show its agency !



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