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Minority Stuff From Here Is Not Going to Die. . .

. . .At least not if (hopefully until) the APL Song comes on MTV.

But yes, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is my next destination !  Two minority minority MAIN characters !  Should be very interesting not because of the concepts or original funniness (it's probably going to be some recycled white jokes anyway) but because the main characters are minority minorities, Korean and Indian. 

Now those two groups are really transparent in the American mainstream unless their representatives are chicks.

It's a huge step up for minority minority guys to actually control the flow of the action (sort of, because the director's still some white dude).  Some things I will probably pay attention to are if they even address cultural identities  and  their sexualities portrayed in the movie, like if their sexuality is a joke or not.

Err, I'll write whatever I see ( I think).  To end this post. . .

. . .you know the drill (one I just started today).  Vote for the APL Song by the Black Eyed Peas starting at 6 PM PT on July 25th.  Link is in the last post.



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