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:| More on ME, ME, and ME

Let's just say, 2 years ago, this day was much much better. :|

I've been rediscovering my study habits: Making connections Slick and Sleek style. Connections, connections, not Oh snap.

But yeah there's been one bad pihrana to all my great aspiratons of being considered the 87th best anthropologist ever (at least when I die, as I go on, I hope that my ranking gradually grows to #32 in 300 years, and then considered THE anthropologist some time after that 300 years).

Besides rediscovering how to study I also redsicovered that I never really fully understood anything above Algebra 2. There's no such thing as half-assing math, I found out the hard way. Got a really really failing score, a 19/50 (yeah a +1 for extra credit cause you know that really helped) for farggin' Precalc. PRECALC ! when people my age are complaining about Vector with applied applications from Astrophysics Calculus. I only half get things like functions, domains, ranges, graphing, plugging in for x. I really neeed someone to explain every which, why about the most basic concepts and I feel like I'd waste time with the instructor if I did that. Otherwise I'm thinking too much about them and not just plugging things in and actually getting things done like A.I.'s cornrows (done cornrows are what comes to mind when I think of the phrase "get it done" echoed by even the whitest businessman ever).

Right now, entering the 4th week of school, I've spent a lot of hours studying half-assedly but not actually absorbing anything. It's time to try and embrace this crap and make lemons out of that. Cause life never hands you lemons unless you get lucky.



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