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Vote for Black Eyed Peas APL Song TODAY starting at 6 PM Pacific Time (West Coast, bitch) until tomorrow at 12 PM (Pacific Time (West Coast, bitch) !

If you need to be reminded of all the info here it is again !  Just fuckin' click on the links

On Monday, July 26, the number one video on MTV's Total Request Live will be "The Apl Song". Impossible? Only if you don't do YOUR part. Here's what you have to do: STEP ONE: WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO Log online to either one of the following websites:
The video boasts a who's who of Filipino-American celebrities in the movie and music industry. Playing the grandson in the video is Chad Hugo, one half of the mega- producing team the Neptunes. Actors Dante Basco (THE DEBUT, HOOK) and Joy Bisco (Port Charles, Not Another Teen Movie) also make cameos, alongside DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies. Catch it and let us know you what you think on our message board.
STEP TWO: SPREAD THE WORD We all got two weeks to spread the message. Forward this email. Forward the link to the music video. Create and personalize your own email and make sure all your friends get the message. Go to online forums, message boards, chat rooms, and let them know about the video. Be creative! Tell all of your family, friends, and THEIR family and friends and let them know why this is important. Who's down? Gather as many of them as possible to join our exclusive mailing list at: We'll remind them with all our "Apl Song" updates and latest developments!
STEP THREE: VOTE ON JULY 26! If you love the video, here's your chance to join thousands in requesting the video altogether and sharing it with the masses. To get the video aired on Monday, July 26, visit the following web site: Go there anytime during the day of July 26 before 4pm eastern/1pm pacific. Black Eyed Peas "THE APL SONG" will NOT be listed on the website. You must scroll below and under "OTHER", manually input "The Black Eyed Peas" under Artist Name and "The Apl Song" under Video Title. Fill out section 2 and submit. WALA! You just did all of us proud. So why not go back and VOTE AGAIN?! While you're at it, vote 3 times, even 5. The more the merrier! Keep in mind, "THE APL SONG" is not scheduled to play on MTV on July 26 UNLESS WE VOTE FOR IT!
STEP FOUR: WATCH THE RESULTS Was our campaign big enough to dent TRL? Did any of your friends listen to you? Find out by tuning into MTV at 5 p.m. ET/PT, 4 p.m. CT to see if our pick made it on the countdown. Hit us up on the messageboard at and share with us your thoughts! CALLING ALL NEW YORKERS! We're also organizing a group of enthusiastic APL SONG lovers to volunteer, wave signs, and represent your pride in front of MTV TRL Studios in Times Square on July 26. Are you down? You must be over 16 and be in the New York area to join! If you want to join, please email Ted at: The first 25 people to join receive a FREE promotional Apl Song DVD courtesy of the LUMPIA crew. Do you prefer to be inside the studio instead and witness everything in front of you? Make reservations to join TRL's live studio audience on 7/26 by calling 212-398-8549 or e-mail All audience guests must be 16 or older, so please include your age in your e-mail. If you get in, represent us!!!
WHY JULY 26? After watching the video, you'll have a better understanding of the underlying issue brought up in "The Apl Song" video. July 26 will be the 63rd year anniversary of the induction of the Filipino military organizations to fight in WWII under the U.S. flag. On July 26, 1941, President Roosevelt issued an Executive Order calling members of the Philippine Commonwealth Army into the service of the United States Armed Forces of the Far East . Under this order, Filipinos were entitled to full veterans' benefits. More than 100,000 Filipinos volunteered for the Philippine Commonwealth Army and fought alongside the United States armed forces. Today, some of these proud veterans have yet to be acknowledged and yet to receive their full benefits. For more information, please visit Various organizations such as the Student Action for Veterans Equity are also holding their own events that day in recognition of our war veterans. We urge you all in joining us in this simple request. On July 26, an "invisible" community will yet take another step in being acknowledged. Good luck and start spreading the word! Peace and LUMPIA grease, Patricio Ginelsa Writer/Director "LUMPIA", "The Apl Song" music video

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