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What Direction Are You Going ?  It's One of those ME Posts Where I need to Set Things Straight About the Direction I'm Going in Making My Living
Erm crap papa.  Me, my direction, is off the charts.  Below the charts, actually.  I have not gotten off to a great start at my new school.  UNDERSTATEMENT !  Let me reword that:  I have gotten off to one of the WORST possible starts you could ever get to in starting a new school.   I should've given myself more time and effort (randomly just jumping into them without adequate preparation, like sticking your pizza in the oven without preheating) with this math/science crap, or at least done them at a community college (well, if I wanted good grades).

My saving grace is that once I drop these classes (I'm going to be there till the very last day before finals and then going to drop them, milking the classes for all they're worth) it won't be noted because it's summer session.  I'll just have to take them again (hopefully not precalc though as I intend to pass that damn diagnostic test). 

But then I'm also anxious because I turned in my AP tests pretty late, way past the date it was supposed to be postmarked.  Hopefully they don't care about that and just let it slide.  Without those AP credits which put me way over the limit in being a junior, I would be 5 credits short of junior standing.  And I just sent them those scores yesterday on rush delivery which I'm told would take 2 business days.

So now I just wait till orientation.  And hope that they get the AP scores without a fuss and overlook that I dropped both my classes for summer.  HOPEFULLY/probably (need one of DSLarson's reassurances again) another big deal over nothing.

But in the event that I get straight burned, I got it all figured out if they decide that I'm not good enough for their institution, I'll go ahead and bring CSULA's anthro program to prominence (Actually, it sort of looks better than UC's right now.  But I hella want to go there for an M.A. !  In all likelihood, I will go finish my school at UC then go to CSU !).  However in bringing that school prominence, too bad I won't get to let those kids there know the experience of a top school's education once I professor and research there.



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