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Clearing Out My E-Mail

Something might strike a chord in someone as I post all my somewhat important E-mail. The last two e-mails might be useless as the 2nd one is dated July 22nd and the 3rd one July 7th. My bad. Very very very selfish of me (as if people read this).

1st E-Mail was about the Columbine shooting and getting arms off the streets.

2nd E-mail was about grape worker's rights.

Dear ACLU Take Action member,

If you're like us, every now and then, as you set the table, prepare your dinner, and pour a glass of wine, you might wonder about the workers on whose labor your eating and drinking depends. You hope they're treated fairly, but, knowing what you do about the agricultural industry, you have your doubts. What can you do? Support workers' right to organize and get the contracts they vote for. The ACLU, in solidarity with United Farm Workers, urges you to support the basic civil rights and civil liberties of a group of hard-working Californians who havebeen engaged in a long and so-far fruitless struggle: Gallowine-grape workers. Please, sign the "Gallo Unfair" petition today. UFW plans to turn in petitions on August 4, so act now and spread the word!

Thanks,ACLU/SC Take Action Team

Heather, Christopher, Elvia, & Clarissa

Sign this petition via the web at:

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

We encourage you to take action by August 4, 2004

Support Workers' Rights: Sign United Farm Workers PetitionINSTRUCTIONS TO RESPOND VIA THE WEB:If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on thisalert by going to the following URL:

Petition: I pledge to boycott all Gallo wines unless Matt and Gina Galloand Gallo of Sonoma negotiate a fair and just contract with theCesar Chavez-founded United Farm Workers. All Gallo of Sonomafarm workers deserve the protections of their union contract. If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up forACLU/SC Take Action at:

3rd E-mail is on anti-gay legislation.


Your Senators and Representatives have heard from tens ofthousands of Californians who are opposed to the discriminatory,anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment -- and tens of thousands whosupport it. How, can you, in the week before the Senate is scheduled to vote, make sure they've heard you? We think one way to get through is to make a personal statement:do more than sign a form letter. Explain your values and beliefs.

Would an anti-gay, discriminatory Constitutional amendment affect you or someone you care about? Are you one of the people who likes to emphasize the words "FOR ALL," in thephrase "..with liberty and justice for all"? Does the idea of writing discrimination into the most important document thatgoverns our nation and expresses its values offend you? If so, please, take the time to write your personal statement,which we will forward to the entire California delegation. We'recalling this campaign "Register for Fairness," because it's away for individual Californians to make sure that their personal beliefs will enter the record and be a part of this historicdebate.

Register your voice for Fairness now! Go to our campaignwebsite at

For more information on the Federal Marriage Amendment, go to:

Heather, Christopher, Elvia, & Clarissa
ACLU/SC Take Action Team

p.s. The right-wing, anti-gay supporters of the Federal Marriage Amendment will seek to end debate next week with a vote for"cloture," which, if successful, will close debate and pave theway for a vote. We believe there's a good chance of defeating that vote, but now is the critical time for action.

Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about how theycan make a difference by registering their values -- and registering their voices -- for fairness.

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up forACLU/SC Take Action at:


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