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Yesterday, I took a trip to East Los Angeles and Downtown LA cause I wanted to see the art there --- murals and taggings as opposed to the West LA plethora of bourgeois steel sculptures, paintings, and digitzed nonsense. Maybe I'm romanticizing a bit, but I find the East LA/Downtown LA art much more interesting because it is more interesting to concoct your own theories as to why and how it is constructed. Anything becomes more interesting in that regard - if you're trying to see how things are constructed, but the art in East LA seems much more raw in that it's not polished off and retouched and put somewhere for display. It's just there.

All the preceding pictures were on Olympic Boulevard. I thought it was a park, but it turned out to be a bunch of residences, so I didn't exactly stroll in to see other art that was on the side of other buildings.

The Staple of East LA Mural Art

This is Belmont Art Park that I was talking about in this post. It wasn't the cleanest of places as there was mud and dust everywhere and it smelled like shit at ground level. But hey it's a place much like the Venice Beach wall or what a skate park is to a skateboarder it is to a tagger. There were paint cans everywhere and about 20-30 males there playing this game from Mexico of which I forgot the name.

You know the line, please say it to yourself accordingly cause it's way beyond annoying.

I don't think I came on a great day when people were out creating new shit.

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