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Extremely Conservative Catholic Point of View on Liberalism

I was just randomly bloghopping not doing work here in my new school and stumbled upon some odd thoughts by a Conservative Catholic on liberalism. Good god it was like walking into freakshow's house.

". . .liberalism creates an environment where everything must be tolerated, passively and actively. If we continue one with such an environment, we will definitely not live in harmony together; we will grow indifferent and will we just take things as they are. If this continues, everyone will put the same amount of value to each faith and belief.

Imagine, tolerating both the Roman Catholic Church and the church of satan in equal regard. Now, that's contradictory and that's blatant disregard of your own intelligence. Of course, we all know that other faiths express more truth than others, and we need to classify them as such."

I just thought it was an interesting twist on liberalism. Seems like a good guy, but he's obviously not pro equality or justice. He just wants to be the Puritan, the guy in the city upon a hill. His idea of harmony appears to be one in which there is all this passion and drama. The music he listens is all that sappy Utada Hikaru bullschitch (though there is a time and place for that !). As a budding anthropologist, I know I should have reserved judgement, but damn: someone pass that guy a Dutchie on the left hand side.

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