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okaaay buddy. you there to do anthropological research or to gawk at the a&f girlies. heh. you crack me up brian while simultaneously grossing me out. anyways there really awesome piece of graff art on olympic & pico by a korean church i think. i don't know. my cousins n i found it while we were lost in la at nite. you should check it out. i like the not a minority one. fresh. anyways hope all is well.

oh man, best thing ever. did i tell you about the coloured republican that told me to keep on doin what the left told me to do n continue to be their puppet.
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The Feeling from Abercrombie and Fitch Stores

Every time I walk in there, you can count on 5 things happening to me:

1. I begin to feel like I'm sniffing polluted white air and start walking as if I have that 15 pound vest on that dentists put on you when they want to x-ray your teeth.

2. I like trance but the trance they play always sucks and I just end up feeling bad for having invested time in liking music in same genre as that at A&F.

3. I think: LOOSE AMERICAN GIRLS ! I look at the Asian, white hos, and think that their jean skirts must've been semened on many times, negating the point of clothes. They should just walk around with stamps on their backs saying "my shit gets knocked loose by clean-cut flat-top haired German guys named Stunter every weekend."

4. For the AzN male, I think apathetic, apolitical, milk-tea boba drinking, snowboarding, 2000-civic driving chaynk who likes to play golf.

5. I look at the one black guy there and wonder how, why, he got there.



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