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Haha, nice post. Lookin' forward to your analysis

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Republican Convention

(Warning: This is a purely emotional response to the convention so don't look at this for insight --- that will come later)

Wow so that was what a room full of ignorant and/or idiotic and/or selfish morons looks like.

First day was one celebration-ahem-excuse-me-I-mean-commemoration-of-9/11- victims-fest. The rest of the time it was a big Patriotic values fest. Basically if you like America and drink up its sea men, you're with us. I will give them credit for being sly about how they go about appealing to people.

I HATE Republicanism. Such deception of people and going for benefits to the fat cats to boot. (To be fair, people in general, at least in the US of A, are also morons. I have no high expectations for advancement in them. I wouldn't mind if we eliminated half our gene pool - 3/4 of which would be Republicans and 1/4 of which would be people who cut me off just to drive slow.)

Freedom - Yeah, what the government isn't controlling, a corporation sponsor of the Republican party is.

Family Values - Think, they had to do something so nasty to espouse something so pure. Hope you had fun getting the family part down. This ain't the fuckin' Olive Garden.

The sellout minorities George P. Bush and Michael Steele also kept bringing up how minorities own more houses now as if they had something to do with it. That's more due to being only an upward increase. I mean, are you going to compare this time as opposed to some time like the 1860s when blacks were slaves ? Fucking idiots.

In other news, Elizabeth Dole is an old bitch who gave the most divisive speech that rallied up Republicans and needs to go to South Chicago with the rest of those Republican cronies and get whacked by someone's prosthetic leg to ooze the botox out of her cheeks and lips. I would also like to beat Zell Miller with the broken wooden leg of a chair.



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