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Watching A Movie that Was Part of My Childhood

"This is for. . .not letting me (momentum escalates) blowbubblesinmyCHOCOLATEMILK (instantaneously smashes valuable golden pocket watch given to him by his father with hammer)!" Jack, son of Peter Pan in Hook (1992)

Hahahahahah, I just saw the movie for the first time in probably 6-7 years.

So many new things like: a mentally ill Tootles, sexual innuendo between a geriatric Wendy and a middle-aged Peter Pan, a few gay references between Hook and Smee and Peter and the black fat lost boy when they were talking about the mentally ill Tootles' lost marbles (this sensing of the gay references and boys in Neverland is especially enhanced with the Michael Jackson (of course of the infamous Neverland Ranch) case constantly looming the TVs), an instance that sort of encourages cheating (when Peter kisses Tink despite being happily married). I've picked up on so much more and laughed even more despite knowing almost every line in the movie. That line above was one of them that I knew but laughed harder because it was obviously something sarcastic thrown in by the director to emphasize how stupid and assanine kids can be.

So the scene is: Jack, son of Peter Pan, smashed his dad's watch because Peter Pan did not allow him to blow bubbles in his chocolate milk. Now that I'm older and I can understand exaggeration, wow that was a source of much hilariousness. I didn't think much of it at the time because I thought at one point in time that smashing an irreplaceable family valuable given to you by your parents because they didn't let you blow bubbles in your chcolate was perfectly reasonable.

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