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The Official I Detach Myself From Chicago Team Sports Until They Start Winning Post

Man, the Cubs are going to blow it some way. We should replace the "bs" at the end of "Cubs" with "rse."

Bears, you always suck too. But hey kudos to beating the Pack. At least we know we'll go 2-14.

Chicago Bulls, I don't agree with the way you're being managed. I can't wait for this team to get demolished to shut these subconsciously racist kool-aid drinking Kirk Hinrich fans. In fact I would be happy with an 8-74 finish which would ensure us the worst single-season record of all time.

Before some Chicago Sports Teams fan wanders into this, drools and grits his flattened teeth like a 7 year old rotweiler while spilling beer into his nuts on jeans tighter than a math nerd's braces on the count that he hasn't bought any since Bush the first was in and these were his loose pants, and labels me a "bandwagoner" thus completely validating his own life as a "genuine fan", let me say that this is my way of getting joy out of these teams instead of wallowing in misery when Prior gets rocked or Tyson Chandler gets injured again.

At least if my predictions are right, my judgement and trust in my psychic abilities is further amplified.

Plus, if they do happen to start winning, I'm still going to feel the same, which is high as in potsmoking high for a day, and then it's back to the world we call reality or earth or shit.

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