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2 Shades of Grey

Not to sound like one of those romanticized or metaphysical writers, but there was two shades of grey in the sky. One was good, the other was, eh, mum. I think in both, I saw such mundane things turn into such elaborate things.

Driving down the last strip of West Hollywood Sunset with the tall buildings, I was awed at how the sky was a perinklish grey. It was like a smoke of hope cause it reminded me of good times when I was 3 or 4 and someone took me to see Bozo the clown back when we were still living in Chicago (which reminds me of the Richard Marx song "Keep Coming Back." I don't remember going, but I did get McDonalds afterward.

However further down the road in Beverly Hills territory the sky morphed into a gray grey. Now that reminded me of driving in the back of a funeral car in the rain in Los Feliz.

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