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The Dude Who Cut Me in Line at Jack in the Box

I lost my temper. I fucking bitch-chris cold knocked him in the face and broke his jaw like a 5'8 Ricky Manning Jr. (former UCLA football player) did to an asshole 6'4 security guard. At least that's how I remember it.

Of course, however, I would be in jail if I actually did that. But it would've been nice. All that action --- just for cutting in line ?! WTF.

I know, I know. I know how endlessly stupid that sounds, but it makes sense.

It would've also been nice if this situation did not ever happen, if he just let me take my goddamn order. After all, I had the foresight to actually sort of stand in the shorter line and wait for someone to order, but then seeing that the person in my line finished ordering before his did, he cut me off.

However, it isn't so much him cutting me off in line as much as it is him reminding me of my social status and how de-valued I am in just this everyday situation.

If he didn't cut me off in line, I wouldn't have been reminded that I am: short, Filipino, nerdy-looking, and/or immature. On top of that he was just a regular white dude, working for Bud Light, doing some kind of man's job. I am 20 years old, but I would not be considered a man at all like he would be, just by looks.

How does it get to an issue of all these externalities ?

Well, would that have happened to a regular-sized white or black male ?

I doubt it. If you are one of those things that I am likely to be identified with, you know you constantly have to prove yourself and wake people up to your point of view. Breaking that asshead's face would do more than wake him up. If I could re-do that scene, I would punch him in the face multiple times like in Mystic River when Brandon smashes this kid's face till the kid looks like he got beaten with an Oakland-style baseball/beatdown bat. And all he would say mad trying to shout but meekly like that 15-year old boy with his voice shrieking and shaking "he fucking punched (hyphenated high voice on the "punch") me ! " Boohoo, mothafucka.

It's assheads like him that enable me to understand firsthand the mindset of a "terrorist."

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