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The Eye-and-Cherry Popping Day

Wow (lips pressed so tightly so as not to reveal smiling or any kind of merriment)

What a day.




I don't care if these things end up being afterthoughts later, but right now I'll celebrate it loud, big, and proud like I'm an Italian eating an Italian dinner. Jah. Sing for the moment. . .Eminem-style.

Oh wouldn't you, reader, like to know what I'm so excited about (if you somehow managed to stop and actually read more than a sentence somehow get to this the 5th sentence).

Well, it's not going to be revealed here because I want to simultaneously make it look like I'm modest while pump some value and hype into this. Ask around and pull answers (or even me directly, but I doubt I'll answer because I'm too important now a days. Kidding.).


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