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Letters to People Who Have Annoyed Me

I don't yell in public. I don't even say much. But online it's much different. Playing field's even. And my words could be just as powerful and intimidating as a 6 foot 200 lb bald black dude instead of the 5 foot 7, 145 lb Asian kid who looks like he's barely eclipsed puberty.

1) To the asshole white mom of some dumb bitch while I was at UCLA Summer School

Fucking spoiled ass white slutty ass mom wearing the clothes intended for 16 year olds. Why didn't you fuckin' wait one more second and I could've told you where the fuck Kerckhoff Hall was ya freak bitch ? Just cause I didn't know the answer at the top of my head to cater to your hot red BMW-mansion with security tighter than your breast implants lifestyle, doesn't mean I didn't know it. But I guess you know all about being quick though, right. You're a fuckin' animal --- the goat. I hope your salad gets tossed and smoked like Snoop Dogg's weed.

2) To the dumbass white guy staring and shaking his head at me like I don't know how to drive while we were driving under the 2 freeway on Chevy Chase.

What are you shaking your head for ? You wobbly wobbly drop drop something like its hot ? Or are you shaking it like a saltshaker ? Was it because you lost another game of scrabble at the Winchell's ?



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