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So many punks in this world. Next time, be sure to get an Apple, and if you see a bum or a loser movie theaterkid trying to take advantage of a random kid, consider it your chance to get back. --acm
your posts make me crave that horrible corporate meal worm mcdo cheese boigas. but i had a point--oh yes. may i add one to your list...the one that knocks on my door and asks me bout stupas-then called me a hindu--and would bounce a cursed tennis ball against my wall the day before 11 funding proposals and two papers were due. oh yes i remember i had one...there was a girl 6th grade?..i kinda forget her name. she made me so angry i decided i was going to become a kick ase cardiologist for the sole purpose of denying her only beloved daughter a life saving surgery that only i could provide--mand did i loathe this girl and man was i an angry little prepubescent <-sp but now i can't even remember what she did. wait now i do...she threw an apple at me while i was eating lunch and then started laughing. that as well as was just really mean and it didn't help that her partner in crime side kick but got no credit was this little filipina girl. dang why couldn't the filipina be the dominating one. nuts. random ase. i wonder how she's doing now. well good i hope. and i hope you're doing well too. and you and the bruin are getting along and your having mad fun. oh yes-- you still need to meet my friend julez.
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Random People I Want to Get Revenge Against Post

1. Arturo who works at Best Buy in who not only sold me the most horrible laptop ever that is breaking down after only a year, but also lead me to believe that I could combine a 130 dollar tv box and that laptop.

I know it's partly my fault, I should've done my homework, but when you get a laptop, you at least expect it to stay on the whole time. You don't expect it to randomly turn off. . .2 months into having it. Maybe I have a virus or something.

Whatever it's fun to pretend he's an asshole and take out my anger on this guy. Now on to how I'd revenge against him.

Some dude would hang him up by his Best Buy shirt like he was a bully or the robbers in Home Alone 1 and 2 and someone would poke him with a stick 35 out of 36 hours a day. I know there's only 24, but having the EMachines shit, you need an extra 12, therefore there needs to be an extra twelve, and one hour for the permanent poker to have a rest.

Then some random person would dance around in "tribal" clothing demonically chanting "Tu-tu-ro-tu-tu-ro, it's funky boys."

2. This spiky haired, maybe with a mustache Filipino kid who worked for Mann Theaters circa 1995 and ripped me off for a drink. I wanted a small drink. He saw that I some little 10-11 year old kid was holding 2 dollars and charged me 2 dollars. He gave me the drink and looked like he was about to laugh shaking the little drink a little. I paid, but as soon as I left, I noticed that the drink was actually only a dollar. I wasn't going to protest that, I was a little kid.

That fuckface deserves a straight punch by me in the face with brass knuckles.

3. The bum who scared me at the then-Lucky's-now-Albertson's in Glendale when I was in 6th-7th grade. I was just sitting there standing in line and the bum scared me. I felt like such a little kid that day.

Whack with a broom, I guess. Many times. For batting practice. Maybe this is one reason why I was initially a Republican.



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