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A Tale of 2 Libraries

(No, I'm not referencing A Tale of Two Cities, just stealing the essence of its title)

A post I should've done during the summer when it was truer.

One is empty of people and devoid of time (except when you turn a book in a minute late at the 2 hour course reserves, assholes). I almost have all the time to think and learn about everyting. Also with this lack of people, I like knowing that I am doing things no one else is. And so from that I gain the patience to stay a while longer and get the info down harder than the asphalt that I scraped my knee almost to the bone when I was 3 or 4.

The other is stock full of people trying to get things done and/or sleeping. Whatever it is, there's a sense of purpose, a sense of means to an end in those rooms. They're here to get things done. And they're probably smarter than me. So it happens, I act like I have to get things done and I end up having to force shit to come to me.



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