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haha no surprise l.a.'s skewed toward kerry. you'd get a very different (i.e., balanced) results if you did something like that here. conservative voice is quite strong, which isnt surprising, considering that theres a huge number of east coast catholics and upper class/upper middle class folk

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The UCLA Vote

Well, election-fever has officially taken over the Los Angeles campus of the University of California.

And to kick it off is Conservative culture "coming out" week. Before this banner was up, there was a "coming out" week for the gay/lesbian community. The conservatives who's motto is "why be politically correct, when you can just be right" claimed in the Daily Bruin that they are not disrespecting anyone.

All 7 of the Bruin Republicans struggling for attention during lunch hour. Today was flag day, and they played these we love America songs, played the banjo to Super Mario Brothers and Mario World, and surprisingly only one anti-foreigner country song.

However, despite their valiant efforts. . .

. . .their efforts spelled like this "L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E-F-O-R-K-E-R-R-Y"

This was a little practice vote thing in which passersby were asked to put either a red (Bush) or blue sticker (Kerry) on their choice for president. Kerry was winning by a helluvalot by the time I left for class.

But I was there for a while watching who exactly was putting the red stickers:

- There was one clean-cut Filipino guy. Must be a super-Christian.

- I noted about 10 bitchy, mediocre-looking white girls. They all seem to have this suspicious dark, look in their eyes that forces their eyebrows to arch.

- Clean-cut white guys who think they know better than you.

Pretty much everyone who was Latino, oddly dressed, a professional, older, and generally "light on the eyes" voted for Kerry. I didn't really notice any blacks or Asians voting, but I'm pretty sure the Asians are pretty split on this campus.

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