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Oh yeah, the Bulls

Wow, I forgot about this thanks to such inanities like posting on message boards, school, the 2004 election, and some bombings in Fallujah (conveniently arranged right after a certain election).

So here's my annual Chicago Bulls preview !

Whoa, easy there partner.

This is the first year that I am not very excited at all. In fact, I hope they lose, because I dislike everything current management has done.

Management have placed the players and coaches in a very tough position, a position that cranks out a recipe for failure: young team barely out of high school with veterans who rest on the bench hydrating with ivies. It's been that way. For a long time already. (You would think everyone would agree with this and it would stop me from posting at

Like I said in my state of the Bulls address, this team is lodged in a cycle that will take either or both of: a big shift in mindset of the organization or, a superstar player.

Negative, and negative.

Doesn't look like it's going to get better either because the owner of the whole team just gave his word that John Paxson, the general manager would be his man for a "long time" (one sigh) and there is no real transcendent Lebronesque superstar for years to come (two sigh).

Were so bad that the clippers didn't even wish this on us. Not only do we give players away after 4 years, but we also put players through lots of useless bullshit such as making them benching them if they don't dive on the floor for loose balls and have at least 27 different floor burns by halftime, even if we are down by 28. Excuse me, sorry 27. All this bullshit we put them through, and them getting through it ensures their success elsewhere. [optimistic insight of said team] Our task has been to show these cushy-lifestyled athletes how bad it can get. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere ! [optimistic insight of said team/] Enough highly sugared fluids.

So, where does that put this current team this year ?

At the bottom of the league. We don't need a definite answer as to standing or number of wins/losses anymore because we have already had the worst 6 years of any NBA team in history. The Clippers pity us. I have a feeling we'll be making that more than 7 years. And two years after that 7 years, when management is still fumbling and stumbling drop droppin like its hot, some idiot fans will be asking why the players didn't do anything in their 4 years here to lift us out of mediocrity.



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