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Quotes to Live Life By

I usually am not too fond of them because there's always some name attached to a quote as if "normal" people can't think of them and those in the past were too dumb to think about these things. I'm sure these thoughts have all been said before even extending back to the stone ages. Only now are they being copyrighted because of intellectual property law. Bleh.

But still there are some quotes I like because they're either very inspirational and/or very truthful. I don't really the know

- "There's always something" - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events = You can always do something active and productive if you don't have much. Seems to be related to "If you can't convince them, confuse them" by Harry Truman. I like that quote by Harry Truman.

- "Obstacles are those scary things you see when you take your eyes off the goal" - Henry Ford = Ignorance is bliss (at least when you talk about motivating yourself and not using that mindset as a way to dismiss other people's troubles --- see quote after the one below).

- "If you shoot for the moon and fail, you'll still land among the stars" - I Don't Know = Things will be alright.

- "I didn't know ignorance was an opinion" - I Don't Know = This goes for Conservatives, Libertarians, and/or Republicans especially in regards to social conditions. They are always disregarding lived experiences in this regard.

- [Added 1/15/05] "It wasn't the mountain that stopped you from running 20 miles, it was the pebble in your shoe" - Muhammad Ali = That means you can have the push to get through the big things, but little things could stop you along the way. So lessons = the "big" things could throw you off like the "little" things. Expect anything to happen.

- [Added 1/15/05] "Life's too short" - I don't know, but latest I saw it was in Collateral = I hope I can remember this everytime I have the desire to go big.

- [Added 1/15/05] "In things essential, unity. In things nonessential, liberty. In all things, charity." - From Gladys' blog, I don't remember who said it, but I think it was for a church. = The first two sentences are what I agree with. I don't agree with the word "charity" in the last sentence because charity especially in the context of today in Western society assumes the one benefitting from charity is permanently helpless and that the helper is a better person than the one being helped. I mean, we still help folks whenever we can but you have to keep in mind that you are not better than anyone.

- [Added 1/17/05] "Principles is another name for prejudices. - Mark Twain - From Roy's profile. I like to use this phrase especially when people say that there's a "right way" to do something, like play basketball.

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