Protest! Before the November Election, Silver Lake Style

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Protest !

Before the November Election in Silver Lake

Would probably be funny if you knew these people.

Elitist Bush supporters. Bastards. Die.

Inauguration Night in Westwood

Bush Parodies

Bush being walked like a dog.

Bush the killer.

I tend to agree with Bush being walked like a dog.


Don't support our troops. . .

Expresses my sentiments exactly.


I wonder if a draft is going to be installed. I doubt it, but it is a legitimate concern.

Interesting comment here: Stop the criminalization of dissent. It's aimed towards hammer-headed conservatives and/or Republicans who always call those who don't agree with them "commie criminals" or some other platitude.

But in all these rallies/protests I could see how people in the mainstream, moderates, and apathetics don't like protestors.

I will say that I don't agree with how protestors go about things and that I don't feel like I quite fit in with them. I agree with a lot of what they said, but I honestly don't know what the protesting and being seen would do.

It's expressing anger yeah, but it's not going to stop anything. I don't know what they're trying to accomplish. Maybe they're trying to be seen ? Yeah ? Yeah.

If they're trying to be seen, the image they show was them being all about rebelling and protesting with the punks, the hippies, the emos coming out in full force. Protesting is fine but I believe folks being all about protest in everything they do including style is not going to convince anyone because it's just too different from society. All that difference is too tough to accept all at once for regular folks.

But at any rate, I share these protestors' sentiments on these issues. And of course it's not just us.

The world, and not just the rabidly Anti-American, agrees with their and my opinion that Bush shouldn't be in office and that there are some things in the US of A that could be changed.

Here are some graphics from

Interesting to see who supports the US the most. But that's another post some day. I posted on about that --- check my posts on the side.

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