Bullet Points (of my thoughts)

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- the world is a system of balances, not a hierarchy. Balance is the key to lizzife, rizzight ? Ironically, by being the key to life, balance is put on a hierarchical pedestal over imbalance.

- feeling = urgency, thinking = a lot of time - chew on that motherfucker.

- friends are cool, but you can't listen to them all the time. I don't know why people act as if they are the key to life. Shoot yourself now with a loaded 12 gauge [and see yourself (or at least we'll see you) one sucka dead LA Times Front Page, people who think that [of course I say this criticism from an etic, outsider's perspective, the perspective of observers not participants --- that means I am outsider in terms of having friends]

- we are such an individual-based society that likes to isolate its parts and don't focus as much on wholes or functions. It starts in education when your dudley do-nothing, "well-meaning" teacher tells you to put your books away when you are studying a certain subject. If the teacher were all that great, the teacher would notice the interrelatedness of every goddamn thing in the world and entertain the thought of integrating that other subject with what you are learning. Otherwise that teacher is a just another teacher in the mass subject to specialization.

- when you study social sciences for tests [what the hell are we still doing with tests in the social sciences ?], you should try to keep translating things till its on your own terms

- I am a straight-up racist when it comes down to trying to find a way to immediately put down people. For example, if some Latino or Asian dude cuts me off, I yell out "stupido, stupido [rhythmically correct of course though]" and even maniacally yell aZn aZn aZn and do glowstick motions in their stupid-ass faces. Of course I don't think all Mexicans and Asians drive a certain way --- that's what ethnicity they just so happen to be and you have to find the quickest way to put them down. As racist as this all seems, "immediately" is the key word in all this. That means I can still see latent racism everywhere and that's even more wrong than my superficial outbursts. Read again if you don't understand.

- newspapers have all this random news. But to the aspiring agoraphobic writer it seems like there's enough news already. You know what, fuck the news, cause there really isn't anything new in the world, at least if you're discussing patterns.

- I just thought of this: Hanjabi MC. Instead of Panjabi MC. That would be highly insulting to a Panjabi. Hey I guess I can use that next time I encounter an annoying driver who happens to be Indian.

- Just keep on Dengin' = Move on up. Move on up reminds me of Bend it Like Beckham, which is athletics, which is the track pants I always wear.

- Furburgers.

- Shirts that say "College" are getting old. It's not that shocking or "random" anymore. Stop wearing it. Meanwhile, my orange budweiser shirt that says "wazzaaaap" is still in style. Yeah what.

- I like saying the name Praneshtaraya. This has nothing to do with that but since I'm referring to an Indian name, an exotic culture that only comes to my mind, a few times, I like Indian girls. Why don't they have Everyone Loves an Indian girl t-shirts ? Or an Everyone Loves a Black Girl ? I wonder if they have Everyone Loves a Native American Girl t-shirt.

- I still use the word "fuckhead." People down here seem to enjoy that word. Thanks Larsob.

- communication is based on metaphors. You keep trying to connect things.



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