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Grad School

I think about too many things a day. Too many things that I don't even know what to blog about anymore since every fucking thing seems interesting to me, so. . .I'll just blog about me. Of course you'd enjoy that, nameless reader who is probably related to me and not that much of a stranger.

Something I always think about that people could actually concretize is grad school, a goal of mine.

I'm in limbo as to whether I want to go into education or medical anthro or public health. But what I keep wondering first and foremost is what school would follow UCLA.

So many possibilities that I didn't even think about last year when I was at SC (not to downtalk it because again I learned a lot there). As cocky and hilariously stupid this sounds, getting into LA has made me feel like I'm the chosen one. Goddamn, I am too damn cocky again (thanks education classes !). But if I do get this type of social power that is entailed with getting into and graduating from another prestigious school with another Ph.DizzleD., I hope I don't just waste the power on myself.

Anyways before actually getting that Ph.DizzleD., I was wondering if my Filipino-ness would help get me into a prestigious school like Harvard (LOL Daniel's suggestion) or Brown. That would be awesomeness for sure, but my grades aren't all that great slash "exciting." I would get in based on the lack of Filipinos doing whatever I did and I would be happy to blaze a trail for others.

But even if that all fails and I end up at a CSULA or not even going, eh, whatever. . .



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