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Hero Vs. Smooth Criminal

The two identities I like. They seem like polar opposites.

Hero - Spiderman (done best when combined with Chad Kroeger's Hero song). Quick, strong, honest, fantasy-land. Taking care of all the bad with actual struggle, not revealing your identity, and internalizing your pain like all of us humans. Some look at the hero as being a bad person, but the hero still keeps saving even the assholes. Like when he saved his selfish-ass friend. With great power comes great responsibility.

Smooth Criminal - The one Michael Jackson describes in his song. Think about the movie Catch Me If You Can with a sneaky Frank Abagnale Jr. faking checks all over the country and finding ways to escape. Hell even Shawshank with Tim Robbins' character escaping prison. Quick, sneaky, more real-life (as in no super-powers). By criminal, I'm not thinking about a murderer, but rather some kind of robber who can sneakily disarm anyone who gets in his/her [reluctant to say her because Catwoman and Elektra kinda sucked] way. I'd like to think this smooth criminal is a modern-day Robin Hood.

I wonder what demographics would be inclined to choose which. Me I like em equally the same.



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