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I Hate the Patriots

Very fitting that they have been the Super Bowl winners of the past 3 of the past 4 years. Fuck I hate them now with a passion. It's like, you've had your fun, and you were a great symbol especially after 9/11, but it's getting old and we need new champions.

But the Eagles were wack anyway. Horrible clock management especially during the last drive when they had about minute left and they did not stop the clock with an incomplete pass --- that kind of disregard for time just killed this team. What's even worse is that according to Ron Jaworski, Matt Ware, (former Loyola Cub and UCLA Bruin representing wahhhhhhhhh !!!), got exploited heavily. I didn't know even notice Matt was in the game.

Man, all the teams I root for, suck.

The one positive thing about this game is that at least Deion Branch and not Tom Brady (he always gets the credit) won Super Bowl MVP for his 11 receptions and 100+ yards. But that probably won't stop reporters from getting the ultimate and last opinions from him because only white people can be leaders and have the most credible voices.

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