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boo! hiss!
you did not leave me a message about you and daniel. funny thing is i remembered this today as i stared at the guy on the corner trying to sell his fabulously tacky rugs. how i associate guys on corners and daniel i do not know. if i were a guy i'd buy a bouquet of flowers and fruit for my wife all the time and maybe those $5 frames just to give some folks business. they're so hardcore, selling roses in the rain, selling oranges on the off ramp, running into the bushes everytime the 5-O pull by. i find it particularly interesting when there's a guy selling fruit and then a homeless person w/a sign right next to them. i wonder if they still get their wives/girlfriends roses. hmmm. anyways...hope you and daniel had a grand old time. & hope to see you soon so you can tell me all about it. -des
ps...don't drink to much of that stuff...its bad for your tummy.
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Quick Headache Relief ?

I don't know if this is placebo or has an actual physiological basis. I'm no biochemist yo.

Yesterday I drank a lot of Dole's Pineapple Juice because I figured that all that acid would give me a lot of energy and help me stay up and study for the 2 fucking midterms I had yesterday. I did. Maybe it also had something to do with sitting on a table rather than on my bed, but I still had a lot of juice enough to affect my performance. "A lot" being the key phrase, denoting "overdose."

And so with all those acids in my body, I not only stayed up and studied but I got one meanass headache that made me feel like I just got braces, except wrapped around my entire head. I should stop describing that before I relapse into that feeling. With that fuckin' headache I was barely able to find out what exactly sarsaparilla and the "holy wood" actually were. It was fitting that I was studying for the History of Medicine that I try to come up with relief of my own for my own headache.

But anyway I attributed that meanass headache to the over-consumption of acids.

So how to counter acids ?

Base !

What has base ?

Milk !

So I drank a healthy cup of milk even though 2/9th of me wanted to puke it out. I knocked out about a 5 minutes afterwards and woke up about an hour or two later. And voila. . .headache gone.

I shall do further experimentation, but no, I'm not going to guinea pig myself. So next time I have a headache. It's on brudda.



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