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Peculiar Words

"Even if you get all the right facts, we still can't give you full credit because we want you to show that you've done the reading" --- TA for History of Medicine 3D

Translation: stop learning and try to remember these irrelevant inconsequential details. What matters is not that you have the actual answers probably from other sources to an essay question but that you have memorized what some teacher-picked secondary author has to say about a subject.

So, someone tell me how is it useful or helpful to anyone that we focus more on these texts than actually learning the concepts and coming up with our own theses ?

Capitalist education at work. No one's getting anything and those who do, forget what they've "learned"/crammed/memorized because it has no meaning for them other than a means to get a grade on a test. I'm going to be the only one who's remembered everything because I've put everything into context and make it have more meaning to me.

In a related story, fuck the History of Science and Medicine at UCLA.



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