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PWNED ! Moment of the Day

As I turned on Veteran to I was in the back of no one.

Parking was unusually packed tight for a Monday morning.

But then I spotted one, just a little far away in between cars. So I signaled and put the car in just to lay claim to the spot.

As I turn back to see if there were any cars the blonde in a BMW trailing me is visibly cursing, subsequently making a left on some house across the street into their driveway. A few seconds later she backs out and drives back and I see her still cursing.

Spoiled bitch who's had everything handed to her in her life. It was only for a few seconds and she probably went back to her joyous life of getting humped in the finest hotels with the silkiest beds and completely forgot about the moment. But for me, it was good to see that for once she didn't get things her way and that she got mad. Ladies and gentlemen, the PWNED ! moment of the day.



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